Tier Description:
Tier A: Low-priced (no more than 1/2 cover price or $3) books, magazines fanzines;
Tier B: All other SF/F books, magazines, fan publications, filk and related art (prints);
Tier C: Everything else (jewelry, clothing, sculpture, buttons, video, games, etc.)

You may request up to three tables. Choose one radio button for the tier for each table.

Boskone Dealers Room Tables

Boskone Dealers Room Tables
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    If you have any additional needs such as electricity, unique table arrangement, accessibility needs, Thursday setup, etc. Please add this information in the Other Requests box.
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    Straight Line
    Other, please email dealers@boskone.org
    Other Requests:
    If space is not available:
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    Choose first table tier:
    Tier A -- $40
    Tier B -- $70
    Tier C -- $100
    Choose second table tier, if desired:
    Tier A -- $40
    Tier B -- $70
    Tier C -- $100
    Only one table desired
    Choose third table tier, if desired:
    Tier A -- $40
    Tier B -- $70
    Tier C -- $100
    Only one or two tables desired