Boskone 56 Student (K-6) Membership

Boskone 56 Student (K-6) Membership
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    Price: $25.00
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    This rate is for Boskone members who are in Grade School and below. Please enter your School above and remember to bring your ID to Boskone.

    Please email for more information.

    If buying multiple memberships, please specify which name goes with which type of membership. In addition, please also tell us which badge name (if any) goes with which member.

    No shipping or tax is required when purchasing memberships. Memberships are non-refundable, but can be transferred.

    If paying via PayPal, please be sure to click the "Return to New England Science Fiction Association, Inc." link on the PayPal page in order to complete your order. Otherwise, there may a delay because we will need to contact you for your address.

    Names of Students:
    age(s) for each student as of February 16, 2018:
    Email address(es) for additional memberships:
    Badge Name(s) (if different from "shipping name"):